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Master Artist and Muralist Michelle Loughery and her award winning Wayfinder AR:Tworks Project - media, film and press gallery.

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 Artist Michelle Loughery Elvis Presley Mural

SUNFLOWERS. FOR PEACE  Paint for people, place and peace.

Sunflower shines over Vernon peace event. Artists Michelle Loughery and Brenda Ellis joined by others, including public, to paint sunflowers for peace.

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Michelle Loughery The Wayfinder Sunflower Mural Project
The Symbol of the SunflowerHost Artist Michelle Loughery
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The Camps Season 1 

Episode 2 of 17 - Vernon, BC | Armistice Films 
Award Winning Master Muralist and Art Educator, Michelle Loughery speaks about the importance of Art in remembering history.

Understanding My Ukrainian Grandparents
by Michelle Loughery | published by New Canadian Media
Thousands of Canadians originating from Eastern Europe were imprisoned within the barbed wire fences of internment camps across Canada between 1914 – 20. For decades, their stories have been buried under fear and shame. As a testament to their strength and resilience, I decided to paint the Sunflower mural to honour First World War Canadian internees.  read more >>>
Official Unveiling of the Vernon Internment Mural Recalling Canada's First World War Internment Operations  1914 to 1920. 
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Artist Michelle Loughery Internment Canada Stamp

The Wayfinder Sunflower Project

This project was started in 2013 during the painting of the Internment Mural in Vernon, BC. The success of the campaign was huge, and hundreds of seeds were planted and many sunflower paintings were inspired. The poem included, by Georgianna Moore, was a part of this inspiration. This project could provide the impetus for further conversation about internment, the importance of cultural history, human rights and social responsibility.


The sunflower represents many aspects of the past, and the present, thus making the anniversary campaign about hope and a national temporary art challenge, that speaks to the resilience of all the people of this country. This symbol is about the immigrant journey of yesterday and today. The bravery of the people who sought change and used agricultural skills to create a new life, and these skills are extremely relevant during this pandemic. As we walk with giants, this larger than life golden trail will lead in an act of faith and connection, for a better future and symbolizes a new beginning from old roots. 

- Michelle Loughery, Master Artist and her award-winning Wayfinder Program.


 Press Release Vernon, BC -  The Sunflower Project event ... Press Release - National Travelling Exhibit "Pause in Plight" to come to Vernon. Pause in Plight is a touring exhibition making its way across Canada between 2020 and 2025 to help bring awareness to the historical injustice of internment during World War 1.

Press Release Vernon, BC  March 31, 2022. The Sunflower Project event “Let the Sun Shine In” - A Concert of Hope, Resilience & Joy, and hope to use the power of art and music and challenge other communities connect with Wayfinder Sunflower Art and Music in a flower power global peace movement.   

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“Mural art enhances the quality of life of a community by helping to define, and formulate responses to social, economic, cultural and social  issues faced by a community.  In its broadest definition, Public Art inspires community understanding, pride and creativity, and benefits the health and development of individual community life in a connected community culture. Community Art is the thread that ties a community together. ”   - Master Artist & Visionary Michelle Loughery.

International Large-scale Murals 

Vernon, BC * Merritt, BC * New York, USA * Cuba MO Mural City Route 66

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