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Artist Michelle Loughery The Wayfinder Project

Artist Michelle Loughery is an internationally respected thought leader, Artist, Project Manager and art educator, Loughery has worked in the field of community public art for 30 years and has created hundreds of large-scale fine art murals and projects. Loughery approaches large-scale art without use of grid or projectors. Loughery's work offers a unique community WAYFINDER artworks digital rural employment strategies. This signature original program enlists youth and elders in the community as apprentices, and trains them in the techniques of art and digital story telling while leaving social, economic and tourism benefits behind.

Thirty years of experience in non-profit leadership, education, project management and production,technology, stakeholder engagement and government relations. In addition to leading multi-million dollar community infrastructure projects, she has provided leadership services for large scale public art revitalization strategies and creative PUBLIC ART and content art technology in the community and tourism sector. Michelle is inspired to elevate rural communities globally in a people and all nations up grassroots strategy. 

Her dynamic leadership style motivates excellence in those around her and is a testament to the power of team to achieve success. Her passion and forward-thinking approach to integrated youth inclusion programming, multicultural diversity inclusion and rural marketing strategies have led to innovative brand campaigns that are progressive and powerful.

Loughery’s “WAYFINDER AR:TWORKS Solutions” Community WAYFINDER community art programs have helped many communities create their branding, development, and marketing Art in Action plan using the inventory and themes of history and uniqueness and an innovative “WAYFINDER AR:TWORKS” philosophy. 

Speech Topics 

The Sunflower Palimpsest

Take it to the Wall

Creative Leadership in a Post Pandemic World

Artist Michelle Loughery Art of the Mural Workshops



workshop with master artist Michelle Loughery 

Send your team members, class or group for an AR:T DAY! 

This day is a focused creative event for your team member to be an artist for the day — exploring, thinking, planning and conceptualizing through visual arts. Great opportunities to expand communication, connect and build explorative teams!  


Wayfinder Community Mural Making 

workshop with master muralist Michelle Loughery 

In this workshop participants will engage and explore the creative first steps, and key roles of community, dialogue, design and led artist facilitation in Wayfinder community mural making and collaborative art-in-action projects.

wayfinder ar:t strategies

Loughery Wayfinder AR:TWORKS Strategies 

Loughery has been influencing Public Art for decades and leading communities to support creative economy infrastructures, while providing social solutions and tourism legacies world wide. Her innovative Wayfinder Project- Community ART in action strategies, creative trade based employment training program is an award winning inclusive bridge for an art based alumni of life learners. The Wayfinder AR:TS Academy offers workshops and downloadable solutions and strategies for artists and communities looking for creative solutions to social economic infrastructure needs. 


Artist Loughery has a reputation for strong creative, and critical strategic foresight and insight, research and infrastructure analysis. She is a respected thought leader and innovator in the development and implementation of actionable national, regional, and local art policy and community infrastructure projects. An influencer that leads support to arts and cultural organizations, creative placemaking, and creative culture-led renewal regeneration.

To embrace the parallels between Loughery’s artwork and the communities she champions, requires understanding the process and key themes that inspire her practice. “My mural work and my studio work are quite different,” she says. “The murals are a work of engagement and inclusion. It is a infrastructure work of art in action, that brings community together through community development, skills development, intergenerational mentorship knowledge exchange and social change. The mural becomes a sense of place, of return and of skills and story exchange, and a tourism legacy.”

The Wayfinder Rural Creates model she consults on globally, has created a legacy of renewed communities, engaged youth and elders, inclusive projects and job creation in creative economy streams.

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